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Colomer-Rifà has a department dedicated exclusively to utilities design. Utilities such as electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, etc. conform a very important part of buildings. We can find utilities in residential homes but also in commercial buildings and industries. 

We are aware of the importance of a good design in utilities. Having losses in basic supplies can suppose an increase of monthly costs. Our department works in order to advice clients always considering what their needs are.

Optmització de processos

- Electricity (Medium voltage and Low voltage)

- Telecommunications

- HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air conditioning)

- Compressed air

- Steam

- Gas

- Water and sewage services

- Industrial cooling and refrigeration

- Fire protection

- Chemicals

- Petroleum

- Water 

- Industrial refrigeration

- Fire protection

- Chemical products

- Petroleum products

Alarma de seguridad



Automation, control and monitoring techniques are used to collect data related to industrial processes. The aim is to control production process information in order to take better decisions, improve productivity and high quality results of industrial products being manufactured.

- Analysis of the current process

- Dimensioning 

- Processes and utilities automation design

- Data monitoring

- Data analysis 

- Reporting


Distribution and cutting of food products

| Masies de Voltregà, Barcelona, Spain.

Colomer-Rifà has carried out the direction of work and subsequent legalization of the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption of 117 kWp. 

Work carried out jointly with EIVO, the company in charge of the project and the turnkey installation.


A total of 217 state-of-the-art 540Wp boards have been installed to achieve 117,180 kWp and have a maximum generation time of 100kW.  

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