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BMS control systems and EMS Energy Monitoring

At Colomer-Rifà we use automation, control and monitoring tools to collect data in industrial processes. The goal is to control the information extracted during a production process in order to make better decisions, in a shorter time, improving productivity, and product quality.

BMS (Building Management System) control systems for supervision and governance of different types of facilities:

-  Climate and ventilation.

-   Electricity production (photovoltaic, generators, wind, etc.)

-  Activation of loads.

-  Access control

-  Shutters

-  Irrigation systems

-  Integration of different types of systems

EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) energy monitoring systems for monitoring consumption and comfort variables by performing a continuous audit of different variables:

-  Power consumption

-  Consumption of gas, diesel, biomass, etc.

-  Temperatures

-  Water / air flows

-  CO2 levels

-  Monitoring of any variable

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