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Colomer-Rifà is a company specialized in projects design and management in the fields of engineering and architecture.

Our philosophy is to create practical, sustainable and contemporary design buildings, while meeting all clients’ needs in respect of: aesthetics, environmental concerns, energy efficiency, self-consumption, schedule and budget.

Let's form onemultidisciplinary team of engineers, architects and specialists in different fields of action. technicians in environmental advice, specialists in facility design, topographers, town planners, calculators, etc. This feature allows us to offer the customer aglobal service adapted to your needs. 

We are supported by the nearly 40 years we have been working in the sector. Our offices are in Vic and Olot but we can work all over the world. Internationally, we have carried out projects in China, Brazil and Italy.

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Experiència en el sector

years of experience

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executed projects

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