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Renewable energies and energy efficiency

Sizing and profitability studies, drafting of technical specifications, project preparation, site management, turnkey projects, commissioning in detail ( commissionings )

In Colomer-Rifà we introduce renewable energies in all our projects.  We aim to select the system that best suits the needs of each client, in terms of budget, return on investment, energy savings, energy production, timmings, etc. We specialize in solar thermal, photovoltaic, biomass, geothermal, aerothermal, etc.

Energy efficiency is a priority for Colomer-Rifà. Our projects incorporate improvements in terms of energy efficiency from the first phase of design, through the selection of materials, to the last phase of construction. Our goal is to minimize the amount of energy required in all of our buildings. A very important form of passive energy saving.


Photovoltaic installation for self-consumption 797,521 kWh/year   

1,234 photovoltaic panels

| Torelló, Barcelona, Spain

Execution of key works in hand of a photovoltaic installation 

Services performed:

-  Assessment of the feasibility of installing solar panels on 5 roofs of the industrial building.

-  Executive project of the new facility.

-  Health and safety coordination of the works. 

-  Construction management.

-  Installation performance monitoring service for 1 year.

- Legalization of self-consumption photovoltaic installations.


100kW self-consumption photovoltaic installation

| St. Joan de les Fonts, Girona, Spain

Turnkey photovoltaic installation for self-consumption.

Services performed:

-  Construction management and coordination of safety and health of the photovoltaic installation for self-consumption.

-  Study of the photovoltaic installation in the Bedding Beverage industry.

-  Project and legalization of the self-consumption photovoltaic installation.


240kW geothermal installation and 30kW photovoltaic installation

| Vall de Núria, Girona, Spain. 

Geothermal and photovoltaic installation executive project

Services performed:

-  Executive project for the installation of a geothermal system for heating and DHW.

-  Optional management of the installation works of a geothermal exploitation system for                   heating and DHW.


Installation of 1200kW biomass boilers and 750kW absorption cooler

| St. Vicenç de Torelló, Barcelona, Spain

Turnkey project of a new 2.8 MW energy room (biomass boilers and absorption cooler) for the use of the biomass by-product of an industrial process for the generation of heat and cold:

Services performed:

-  Drafting of the basic and executive project.

-  Execution of works.

-  Construction management and quality control.

-  Calculation of the foundation of a silo.

-  Legalization of gas installation, low voltage installation and pressure equipment.