Plants and industrial processes

Basic design, detailed engineering and the construction of plants and industrial processes are all integrated. We work alongside our clients on the initial phase of the project: plant design and layout of the industrial process. Once this is settled, we carry out the rest.

We study all the aspects that make up the detail engineering by organizing tasks, implementing equipment, dealing with interference with existing facilities, assessing costs, writing contracts with suppliers, dealing with administration procedures, legalizations, energy, the start up of the plant and of the production line.

Our team, with over 35 years of experience and a total number of 40 technicians in different functional engineering areas, allows us to successfully integrate the complexity of building an industrial plant with the completion of the first part of the process. Regarding the second part, which involves the purchase of machinery, equipment, auxiliary structures, instrumentation, control, etc., several partner companies provide us with the most current information, the latest quality and the most competitive prices. Our engineering divisions according to functional areas are the following: Project Management. High and low voltage / Control and automation. Compressed Air / Gas / Vapour. Climate / Renovation and air cleaning. Equipment and machinery. 3D drawing and rendering. Environmental Management / Licensing.