Meat sector and food Distribution

This is one of our most consolidated divisions, with market-leading clients and a portfolio of relevant and high-complexity projects. Colomer-Rifà SLP designs and manages the implementation of projects related to the food sector and the food distribution sector. We incorporate the most advanced technologies and apply the most effective solutions to meet the needs of the production and logistic processes, in order to achieve maximum functionality and efficiency in each installation. Among them are slaughterhouses, shredding plants, meat processing factories (cooked sausages and cured meats), product transformation factories, refrigerated warehouses, food cleaning rooms, laboratories, processing of approvals and accreditations (CEN regulations, Federal Standard IEST-RP, etc.).

Our clients are advised on quality control and implementing analysis of risks and critical points. Advice on bakery and pastry industries, cocoa industries, fresh and frozen products and storage units, is also provided. Our company designs central kitchens, centralized bakeries and polyvalent workrooms, catering industries, areas to prepare cooked, precooked and frozen dishes. We also specialise in analysing the client’s logistical requirements. This entails implementing the latest technologies in automation, robotics and industrial computing in multipurpose and refrigerated warehouses, in preparation of orders, in real-time delivery platforms, in industrial weighing and production management and process control, among others. Colomer-Rifà SLP also carries out all kinds of administrative procedures and legalizations (Record of agricultural and agro-food Industries RIAAC, Health Registry of Industries and foodstuffs RGS / RSIPAC, Handmade foods, etc.), and manages grants and subsidies.