Leather Industry

Colomer Rifà SLP works in different areas related to the leather industry sector. We are experts in both engineering projects associated with the construction of factories and the specific engineering of production processes. Our company analyses and develops projects to satisfy the clients’ needs and considering budget and the specific environment. Colomer-Rifà SLP is in charge of the overall management of the project, from the initial layout proposals to the construction and commissioning of the factory. We analyse and put forward proposals for the automation of industries, incorporating automatic dispensing mechanisms, product preparation and dissolution, movement of skins, automatic formulations for drums and reels, recovery and reuse of soaking water, filtering solutions, ergonomics, etc.

Colomer-Rifà SLP writes the project in order to determine the most efficient investment and advising the client on the purchase of machinery and appraisal of used equipment. We also analyse changes or improvements in security systems and carry out claims for machinery failure, etc. Colomer-Rifà SLP has also wide experience in the design and operation of water treatment plants for the leather and leather finishing industries. Colomer-Rifà SLP develops the entire project including civil works and facilities, the design of all sanitation networks, the functioning of plants, technical and economic studies to reduce contaminated parameters, etc. Our experience in maintenance in the skins industry also allows us to offer specific maintenance drawings, analysis of failures, supervision of repairs or alternatives to major breakdowns, warehouse optimization and specific programming.