Industrial engineering

Our participation in industrial projects is global. The first step is land requalification. Next, Colomer-Rifà SLP collaborates in the layout, the writing of the draft, the final design of the building, installations and the implementation of the entire industry. The goal is to design buildings and facilities with the most advanced technologies using effective production process and meeting precise needs and specifications of each client. Our company draws up projects for all kinds of industries: metallurgy, food, leather, commercial, chemical, textile, etc. In the case of the chemical industry, for example, we take care of indoor and outdoor storage of chemicals in mobile or fixed containers, as well as the storage and dosing of chemicals, storage of technical gases, studies of product compatibility and carry out administrative procedures (inspections, permits, etc.). We design projects for all types of industrial facilities: low and high-tension, air-conditioning, pressure vessels (compressed air, steam, superheated water), storage of petroleum products, gas and industrial cold. Colomer-Rifà SLP also takes care of all administrative procedures, such as writing PCB'S, REIC procedures (Register of Industrial Establishments in Catalonia).