Energy Efficiency and Natural Environment

Colomer-Rifà SLP designs projects to improve the energetic efficiency of industries. We carry out comprehensive audits that help us determine the current state of facilities and propose cost saving improvements, both in deciding what type of energy and what energy transmitting devices are to be used. Estimations on the return periods of each investment (payback) are carried out, and our clients are advised on both energy procurements and on the implementation of remote management systems. Our company also designs more efficient energy systems and analyses and determines which outside covering work best passively towards more optimal energy saving in buildings.

Our team of widely experienced technicians apply new technologies to renewable energies, in private dwellings and industries. We work with solar, thermal, biomass, photovoltaic and geothermal energy. We can also obtain energy certificates.
Our projects are environmentally friendly. We apply our expertise to all areas with human activity: industry, commerce, management and the services sector. Colomer-Rifà SLP advises its clients on how to obtain environmental permits and licenses. We conduct studies on environmental impact, landscape impact and integration, and control and waste management. Our company takes care of annual statements and packaging of waste, minimization studies of such waste, preliminary status reports of potentially soil polluting activities, water supplies authorizations, declarations of use and water pollution, released wastewater avouchment to the municipal collector. We determine emissions of any such activity to protect the atmosphere. We write ledgers of emissions to the atmosphere and analyse lighting pollution and noise pollution.